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The High Road to Kilkenny
Early Music from Ireland

After For Ever Fortune (Alpha Classics, 2010), this second incursion of Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien in Celtic lands, The High Road to Kilkenny, combines refined, 'highbrow' pieces along with an entertaining repertoire of songs in Gælic and dances from the Irish Baroque.

Embodied in a language, dances and emblematic instruments, Irish music also bears in it the mark of an insular pœtry and a turbulent history. Thus, it is to these that this exhilarating, entrancing programme bears witness, and for which François Lazarevitch went back to original texts and collections of the 18th and 19th centuries. Varied couplets, lullabies, minstrel songs and hymns to Nature relate and dance to themes of love, infidelity, and the seasons as well as occupation and exile.

Sensitive to interpreting this repertoire today, short of the picturesque or ossified codes, Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien find inspiration in the art of phrasing and ornamentation taught in numerous Baroque treatises, the energy and pœtry of period instruments, and the mix of musical traditions and sources. Here they are at home at the table of the great Irish names of the 17th and 18th centuries, and once again cross paths with one of their faithful partners: tenor Robert Getchell, very much present on the Baroque lyric stage and impassioned by different kinds of Irish music.

Tournage ARTE réalisé en Irlande diffusé sur ARTE live web et ARTE Mæstro - mars 2017

Au programme

Thomas Connellan • William Connellan • David Murphy • John & William Neal • Turlough O'Carolan • James Oswald • John Peacock • Anonymes

With 1 singer, 6 instrumentalists, 1 dancer

François Lazarevitch : direction, flûte traversière, tin whistle, smallpipes
Robert Getchell : ténor
David Greenberg : violon
Bill Taylor : clàrsach (Irish harp)
Marie Bournisien : harpe baroque
Lucile Boulanger : viole de gambe
Bruno Helstroffer : théorbe, luth
Caitlín Nic Gabhann : danse

Program also available with 7 or 6 musicians, without dancer.


By Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien
Coproduced by the Irish Cultural Center, Paris
The concert program was created with the support of the Spedidam

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