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Vivaldi, Concertos
for the flute, the recorder, and the Baroque musette

Inspired by Nicolas Chédeville's adaptation for the musette of The Four Seasons, François Lazarevitch and Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien breathe delightful energy into and revive the colours of seven of Vivaldi's concertos that take nature as their subject.

The originality and impressive alternation of the solo instruments, all played by François Lazarevitch, constitute the first metamorphosis in this atypical version of The Four Seasons. Spring is played on the musette, as in Nicolas Chédeville's fanciful but nevertheless demanding version of 1739, while the other three concertos, adapted from the originals for strings, are performed on transverse flutes and recorders. Despite the different instrumental timbres, none of the velocity and inventiveness of Vivaldi's originals has been lost, and all their subtleties and contrasts are depicted as he intended.

All of these concertos, revisited by Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, are presented in a festive new rendering, in the light of their leader's knowledge of early music and the art of phrasing, and his familiarity with traditional music. Going beyond the descriptive programmes and the popularity of these works, the musicians enable us to hear as if with new ears the dancing of the shepherds, the unleashing of the elements or the peasants celebrating with song and dance the harvest safely gathered in. Through the singular, eloquent voice of a soloist, Italy at the time of Vivaldi is combined with the Versailles of Louis XV, when the musette was the queen of instruments. Scores we thought we knew are transfigured.

The CD Vivaldi, Concertos is due out in October 2017 on the Alpha Classics label.

Au programme

Antonio Vivaldi
Les Quatre Saisons opus 8, adaptation de Nicolas Chedeville et de François Lazarevitch (2015)
La Moisson, adaptation du concerto pour violon en sol mineur opus 8/8, RV 332 par Nicolas Chedeville (Les Saisons amusantes)
La Tempesta di mare, Concerto pour flûte en fa Majeur op 10/1, RV 433
La Notte, Concerto pour flûte en sol mineur op 10/2, RV 439

With 8 instrumentalists

François Lazarevitch : direction, flûte à bec, flûte traversière, musette de cour
David Greenberg : violon
Reynier Guerrero : violon
Sophie Iwamura : alto
Nils de Dinechin : violoncelle
André Henrich : théorbe, guitare
Pierre Gallon : clavecin
Christian Staude : contrebasse


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