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PURCELL songs & dances
Alpha Classics • Alpha 419 • ISBN 3760014194191 • 1 CD • 1 h 06

Sortie France le 12 octobre 2018 !

Au programme

Minuett - Hornpipe - Boree, Stricke the Viol, Touch the Lute, O Solitude, my sweetest choice, Pavan in G minor, Here, the Deities Approve, Hornpipe, May her blest example chase, Fairest Isle, What power Art Thou, Aire, Twas within a furlong of Edinboro, Scotch Tune, Here let my life with as much silence slide, Fantazia upon a ground, Tis nature voice, March, Curtain Tune, Song Tune, One charming Night, Chaconne.


Tim Mead : contre-ténor
François Lazarevitch : flûte à bec, musette & Direction
David Greenberg : violon
Augustin Lusson : violon
Sophie Iwamura : alto
Elsa Frank : flûte à bec, hautbois
Johanne Maitre : flûte à bec, hautbois
Niels Coppalle : basson, flûte à bec
Marie Bournisien : harpe triple
Lucile Boulanger : viole de gambe
Romain Falik : théorbe, cistre
Justin Taylor : clavecin
Youen Cadiou : violone

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01. Minuett - Hornpipe - Boree 3:44
02. Stricke the Viol, Touch the Lute 3:40
03. O Solitude, my sweetest choice 5:21
04. Pavan in G minor 4:38
05. Here, the Deities Approve 4:22
06. Hornpipe 2:16
07. May her blest example chase 3:11
08. Fairest Isle 4:19
09. What power Art Thou 2:46
10. Aire 1:10
11. Twas within a furlong of Edinboro 3:14
12. Scotch Tune 2:05
13. Here let my life with as much silence slide 3:04
14. Fantazia upon a ground 4:46
15. Tis nature voice 4:49
16. March 1:30
17. Curtain Tune 4:19
18. Song Tune 1:42
19. One charming Night 2:15
20. Chaconne 2:49


The Sunday Times, 23 septembre 2018, Album of the week
Hugh Canning

Reactions to this absorbing and revelatory disc will, I suspect, depend on how one responds to the « Frenchified » Purcell of François Lazarevitch's Saint-Julien musicians. I heartily approve of their imaginative, improvisatory approach, which brings some of the instrumental music - the « Jig » following May Her Blest Example (from one of the Queen Mary birthday odes) and the Scotch Tune - close to the realms of their speciality, Celtic folk music. Their soloist, the countertenor Tim Mead, could hardly be more mainstream Anglophone in his approach in a series of Purcell hits: Strike the Viol (from Come Ye Sons of Art), Fairest Isle and What Power Art Thou (the shivering song usually sung by a bass) from King Arthur, and 'Tis Nature's Voice (Ode for St Cecilia's Day). The French/Celtic style rubs off on Mead's vocal decoration to delectable effect.

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